Graphic designer based in Liverpool, UK

Up and running

To get this blog up and running and provide some interesting reading while I’m still in the stages of getting things sorted out, I’ve posted five mini articles on the power of sound in visual media. I’m not a sound engineer of any sort, but I’ve always loved soundtracks and sound effects. The articles I’ve written about are of particular interest to me, especially the stunning Batman Begins soundtrack, created by Hans Zimmer. Just one of his many soundtracks, of course.

I’ll be talking about a range of things in my blog, most of them design-related, but other stuff too. I’m not quite sure what yet, though.

If you’ve come to my blog via my website, The Work Of, then thank you for taking the time to look at my work and thank you for also taking a further interest in what I have to say about a whole host of things. If you’ve come to my blog from simply browsing the web, welcome to you too. Please read my About Me for a bit more info on who I am.