Graphic designer based in Liverpool, UK

Christmas break (isn’t a break at all)

Over the next three weeks while I’m on Christmas break from University, I intend to begin really ramping up the process of getting launched. The back end is now pretty much complete, which means that all that’s left to do is begin uploading my artwork to the site. It’ll take a while because I have to format it properly, but I’m really looking forward to getting it all sorted.

Although I’m now on Christmas break, that doesn’t actually mean I can rest, unfortunately. There’s still plenty of work that I have to be getting on with. This includes two competition briefs and an essay to write. Additionally, I had to submit a competition brief just before my break, paying £30 just to enter. If I win though, I’ll win £2,000 and a four week placement at Pentagram. You can view the competition brief here. I’ll be going into more detail with this brief in another post.

I’m hoping that while I at least have a little bit of free time, I can begin the process of getting my name out into the open and start getting work in for myself. It’s going to be a long process and one which has many outcomes. None of which I’m very sure about. However, I’m confident that if I really put some effort into it, it’ll produce the results I want.

As I said in my previous post, my business cards were the first part of my plan and they’ve proven to be really popular with whoever I’ve shown them to. It’s really nice to see that they were money well spent.