Graphic designer based in Liverpool, UK

I’ve been featured: 100 Brands of Interest

100brandsofinterestAs part of David Pache’s efforts to create awareness for the many graphic designers in the world, he presents part two of his 100 Brands of Interest series and in it, you’ll find my logo. David contacted me a few months ago, out of the blue about adding my logo to the list and I was very flattered. You can find the article here.

There’s so many excellent logos on the list from simple logos to the more complex and beautiful. I feel honoured to be included in the list.

Pache is an excellent logo designer and one which I’ve followed for many years from my time at LogoPond. His logos are always well thought out and reflect the company they’re designed for accurately. I thank him for the time he’s spent compiling this list and for featuring me in it.