Graphic designer based in Liverpool, UK

A massive hard drive failure

Unfortunately, my hard drive decided to temporarily die last night and as a result, I’ve lost a serious amount of work. This includes over 20,000 MP3s, countless numbers of photos from years past and most importantly, a lot of my work for University and clients.

It is perhaps my own fault for not backing the work up to DVD more often, but it does mean that I’m now trying to piece together what little I have left. It’s awfully frustrating and perhaps even a little saddening to know that you have spent so long working on building up a collection of memories and hard work only to see it be deleted.

Included in the lost files is the work that I’ve recently completed for the University of Chester. This is perhaps the most important thing that I’ve lost as there was a lot of work put into it. There are now no PSD and AI files to fall back on, should anything need to be further edited. On the plus side, there exists three copies of the final artefacts on DVD that were given to the University and I’ll be asking for a copy of one of them so I can at least file it away and upload some images to my portfolio.

It goes without saying, but if you do happen to be a graphic designer or work in any sort of profession where you create vast numbers of files on a daily basis, make sure you back up regularly. I didn’t and now I’ve paid for it.