Designer charged $18,000 for his own work


Jon Engle is a graphic designer from the US who has recently been charged a staggering $18,000 for copyright infringement. The outrageous thing is that the work for which he is being charged for is his own work. You can read the full story here.

This post is purely to support Jon in his efforts to get this matter sorted and to discredit the company who are going to every lengths to give him a bad name, The company are actually going to the despicable lengths of calling his clients and telling him he’s involved in a lawsuit. A lawsuit which he has not brought on himself. I find this completely unprofessional at any level and must be discredited for their actions.

Copyright infringement is a terrible thing. I’ve had a run in with it myself, where someone has used my logo without my permission. I can’t say I’ve ever had the misfortune of being charged $18,000, thankfully. Jon’s case is a terrible one and one which no designer should have to put up with. I hope he manages to get the case sorted out quickly. are going to come out of this very, very badly with the amount of publicity this story is getting.

Jon’s blog, situated at is currently down due to the incredible amount of traffic he’s currently getting so if you wish to voice your support for him, his twitter account can be found at