Graphic designer based in Liverpool, UK

The Final Countdown

Last night I began the work of uploading all of my artwork to my newly designed site. It didn’t take as long as I thought, which is a good thing. It means that adding a single piece of work in the future will be quick and simple.

Once it was all uploaded, I had a quick browse through it and tried to put myself in the position of a potential client or visitor and I felt quite uncomfortable looking at my own site. I wasn’t happy with how it looked. I didn’t think that I had displayed my work well enough. After viewing it a few more times, I’m slowly coming around to the idea. It’s strange, really. I mean, I designed it exactly how it looks, no one else so in theory, I should be completely happy with it, but I’m not. I think perhaps what I’ve done is design the website as a standalone design, rather than considering what the site will be used for. I’ll see how things go. It’s certainly an improvement on my previous design, though.

The only thing left to do is point my domain name at the site, since it’s hosted somewhere differently to my current site and this is proving problematic. I should hopefully get that sorted within the next few hours. Hopefully. And then all that’s required  is a little bit of patience for the domain to take its time repointing to the site. I’m excited about finally getting it launched.

It will be a soft launch, though. It’s coming up to Christmas, which means I can’t really do much self promotional work in terms of actually getting out there and making people aware of me, simply because it’s a little too expensive to get anything printed. While at University I can use the discounted printing to my advantage. I have a few ideas on how to increase my hits to the site.

One thing that I’m hoping I’ll be able to promote along with my site is this blog, which is proving more popular than I thought it would be, considering I’ve yet to link to it anywhere. Although it’s not been advertised anywhere, I’ve currently recieved 200 hits to it, which my article on the BBC News theme tune being a good four times more popular than any other post I’ve made so far. It’s nice to see that there are people really interested in the same kinds of things that I am.