Graphic designer based in Liverpool, UK

Claire & Dave Wedding Invitations

Claire Morgan and Dave Wilcocks wanted to make an impression on their guests with some unique wedding invitations. With minimal budget, the design still had to encompass an invitation to the wedding, an evening reception and an RSVP which guests could send to the bride and groom to notify them of attendance.

The two specifications prior to designing the invitation were that it must be baby blue and incorporate a butterfly.

The centrepiece of the invitation is a custom-designed butterfly, with wings that represent a ‘C’ and ‘D’, with the body of the butterfly representing the infinity symbol and thus, meant to be read as “Claire & Dave Forever”.

The design uses an array of swirls to create a level detail usually reserved for higher-budget artwork.

Once the invitation is opened, it reveals a four piece invitation set including a poem that the bride and groom asked for, an invitation to the wedding, an invitation to the evening reception and an RSVP.

The RSVP can be filled in and folded back on itself to reveal the bride and groom’s home address on the back. The RSVP can then be sealed and a stamp affixed without any need for an envelope to send back to the happy couple.